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Baycip is an antibiotic medication used to treat diseases caused by bacteria such as acute and chronic bronchitis, pneumonia, otitis media, sinusitis, cystitis, urethritis, prostatitis, infected ulcers, wound infections, infective diarrhea and many others. Baycip effectively destroys existing bacteria in a human body, prevents their further growth and, thus, eliminates infection. Baycip is not effective against viruses and fungi.

Autres noms pour ce médicament:

Cifran®, Cifran® OD, Ciprotab®, Ulticept®, Ciprodac®, Ciplox®, Alcipro, Ciprolet OZ, Ciprobid, Ciprobiotic, Zoxan, Cefobang, Cebran, Alcipro, Ciprodac

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Ingrédients actifs:



Baycip contains a key ingredient called Ciprofloxacin, that is a broad-spectrum, second generation antibiotic from Fluoroquinolones family.


- respiratory tract infections (RTIs) (acute and chronic bronchitis, obstructive airways disease (COPD), empyema, lung abscess, bronchiectasis, lobar and bronchopneumonia, acute exacerbation of cystic fibrosis, otitis media, sinusitis and mastoiditis);

- urinary tract infections (acute and chronic pyelonephritis, cystitis, urethritis, prostatitis, epididymitis and chronic complicated or recurrent UTI caused by multi-drug resistant organisms and/or Pseudomonas aeruginosa);

- skin and soft tissue infections (infected ulcers, wound infections, abscesses, cellulitis, erysipelas, infected burns);

- surgical infections (peritonitis, intra-abdominal abscess, cholangitis, cholecystitis, empyema of gall bladder);

- bone and joint infections (acute and chronic osteomyelitis, septic arthritis);

- pelvic infections (Salpingitis, endometritis, pelvic inflammatory disease);

- sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) (Gonorrhoea);

- gastrointestinal infections (enteric fever, infective diarrhea);

- severe systemic infections (Septicaemia, bacteremia, infections in immunocompromised patients).

Caution should be taken by patients who take Baycip, as this antibiotic (like other from the Fluoroquinolones family) may induce tendinitis or tendon rupture. Especially those who are older than 60 years of age, taking corticosteroids, have kidney, heart or lung transplants, have diabetes milletus, suffer from musculoskeletal disorders.

MOA (mechanism of action):

Ciprofloxacin is a synthetic antibiotic with antimicrobial effect, that acts by inhibiting the bacterial DNA gyrase enzyme, required for bacterial DNA replication, transcription, repair and recombination.

Ciprofloxacin is effective against Escherichia coli, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Enterobacter cloacae, Serratia marcescens, Proteus mirabilis, Providencia rettgeri, Morganella morganii, Citrobacter diversus, Citrobacter freundii, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus epidermidis and Streptococcus faecalis, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus pyogenes, Campylobacter jejuni, Shigella flexneri and Shigella sonnei.


Baycip pills should be swallowed whole and taken with a full glass of water.

Do not stop taking Baycip suddenly.

The usual dose for most infections is 500 mg twice daily during 7-14 days.

For infections of the respiratory tract: 500 mg twice daily to 750 mg twice daily (7-14 days).

For malignant external otitis: 750 mg twice daily (28 days up to 3 months).

For infectious diarrhea: 500 mg twice daily (3-7 days).

For urinary tract infections:

acute uncomplicated cystitis – 250 mg twice daily;

mild to moderate – 250 mg twice daily;

severe or complicated – 500 mg twice daily.

Treatment is required for 3-10 days.

For skin and soft tissue infections:

mild to moderate – 500 mg twice daily;

severe or complicated – 750 mg twice daily (7-14 days).

For bone and joint infections:

mild to moderate 500 mg twice daily;

severe or complicated-750 mg twice daily.

Treatment may be required for 4-6 weeks or longer.

For STDs:

Gonorrhoea: 250 mg as single dose.

For pelvic infections:

Epididymo-orchitis and pelvic inflammatory disease: 500 mg twice daily to 750 mg twice daily (14 days).

Elderly patients should receive a lower dose.

Patients with reduced renal function, the half-life of Ciprofloxacin is prolonged and the dosage needs to be adjusted.

Missing a dose

If you miss a dose you should take it as soon as you remember about your missing. If it is the time for the next dose you should continue your regular dosing schedule. Do not take a double dose of Baycip to compensate the missed dose.


If an overdose occurs and you are not feeling well, stop taking the medication immediately. You should seek emergency medical attention or contact your healthcare provider immediately.


Store at room temperature between 15 and 30 degrees C (59 and 86 degrees F) and away from excess moisture and heat. Throw away any unused medicine after the expiration date. Keep out of the reach of children.

Side effects

The most common side effects associated with Baycip are:

  • antibiotic-associated diarrhea
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • dyspepsia
  • abdominal pain
  • flatulence
  • anorexia

Side effects occurrence does not only depend on the medication you are taking, but also on your overall health and other factors.


Do not take Baycip if you are allergic to Ciprofloxacin or to other Fluoroquinolones.

Do not take Baycip if you are allergic to any ingredient comprised in Baycip.

Do not take Baycip if you have a history of severe allergic reactions associated with using antibiotics.

Do not take Baycip if you have a history of clostridium difficile associated diarrhea (CDAD).

Do not take Baycip if you take Tizanidine (muscle relaxant).

Do not take Baycip if you have a history of myasthenia gravis.

Do not take Baycip if you have a history of tendinitis and tendon rupture or if you are over 60 years, take corticosteroids, have renal failure, diabetes mellitus, kidney, heart, or lung transplants, a history of musculoskeletal disorders.

Do not take Baycip if you are pregnant, plan to have a baby or are breastfeeding.

Q: What is Baycip used for?

A: Baycip is an oral broad-spectrum antibiotic with strong bactericidal properties. Effectively tackles infections of lower and upper respiratory tracts like pneumonia, osteomyelitis (bone infection), cystitis, prostatitis (genitourinary tract infections) etc. These infections are caused by bacteria. Baycip is not used to treat viral and yeast infections (caused by fungi).

Q: Is Baycip safe?

A: Baycip is safe if used at prescribed doses for the prescribed duration as advised by your doctor.

Q: Can I take Baycip for a cold?

A: Baycip will not work for viral infections like colds, flu and for mycoses (fungi).

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